Why Rhino Liner is the Best Truck Bed Coating

Your truck bed is exposed to tough conditions, especially if you are often hauling items or off-roading. Giving your bed the greatest possible protection can help extend the life of your truck. If you’re looking for the best truck bed coating, look no further than Rhino Linings. Our spray-in truck bed liner is rated #1 among consumers and is engineered to the highest standards.

Here are some of the reasons why Rhino liner is the best truck bed coating:

Protects Against Physical and Chemical Damage

Rhino Linings protect your truck bed from all types of physical damage, including impact and abrasion. This prevents scratches and dents even when the liner is exposed to the roughest terrain or heavy use. The linings also protect against corrosion and other forms of chemical damage.


The surface of a rhino-lined truck bed is textured, making it slip-resistant. As a result, cargo stays in place more securely. The risk of damage is also reduced so your cargo is less likely to shift during travel and damage your vehicle or other items in the truck bed.

Withstands Extreme Conditions

Engineers created Rhino liners to stand up to even the toughest conditions. In temperatures as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit (℉) and as low as -40 ℉, the liners maintain their strength. Even commercial and military vehicles can benefit from Rhino Linings products.

Bonds Directly to the Bed

Drop-in liners, truck bed carpets, and other options leave space for water to gather, which can lead to rust. Rhino’s material direct bond to the bed of your truck ensures proper heat transfer so the truck bed isn’t a different temperature from the rest of the vehicle. And, since the coating is permanently bonded to the truck, you get the corresponding permanence of protection.

Other methods for shielding your truck bed need to be replaced regularly, but Rhino Lining lasts for the lifetime of your truck.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Rhino Linings offers a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty on our truck bed coating.* Even if you move to a different state, your liner will be covered. The warranty guarantees that your coating will not crack, peel, or bubble.

Line More Than Just Your Truck Bed

With Rhino liners, you aren’t limited to protecting just your truck bed. We can line other parts of your truck or even cover the whole vehicle. We can also coat vehicles besides trucks including off-road vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles (RVs), and more. At Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson, we will coat anything you can bring to us.

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*This warranty only applies to truck bed lining, not other services, and is subject to limitations and restrictions.