What is Rhino Shine?

Rhino liner helps protect your truck bed and keep it looking its best. The lining guards against impact damage as well as corrosion and it is incredibly durable. If you want to return the favor and help your lining look its best, you can use Rhino Shine.

What Rhino Shine Does

Even the toughest bed liners fade over time due to ultraviolet (UV) rays. The color may be less pronounced and it may not be as shiny. This doesn’t affect the product’s ability to protect your truck, but the liner may not look exactly like it did on the day you had it installed. Rhino Shine is a solution to this.

Rhino Shine is a reconditioner for Rhino Linings’ spray-in liner. You can apply it to the surface of the lining in order to reinvigorate its shine. In addition to ensuring the liner looks great, it also helps maintain a skid-free surface and erases oxidation.

How Often to Apply Reconditioner

There’s no set timeline for how often you should recondition your truck bed liner. This is based on your personal preference. If you notice that your Rhino liner isn’t looking the way you would like, simply use Rhino Shine on it and it’ll look good as new.

How to Use Rhino Shine

Altogether, the process of applying Rhino Shine takes 45-60 minutes. Unlike applying the liner itself, this is something you can do on your own at home, which makes it convenient and easy for you.

There are three easy steps to apply the reconditioner to your truck bed:

1. Clean the Liner

Before applying Rhino Shine, you should clean your truck bed liner. To do this, sweep away any debris then hose down the surface. Use a stiff brush between the ridges of the truck bed. If there are any stubborn stains, you can use a mild detergent. After your liner is clean, towel dry it.

2. Mask the Area

Rhino Shine can damage painted areas, so mask these off before you start applying it. This precaution won’t take too long and it makes it easier to paint the reconditioner onto your truck bed without worrying that you’ll get it on the paint.

3. Paint the Rhino Shine On

You can apply the reconditioner with a paintbrush. If you have a spray gun, you can use this instead. Start with the three walls then work your way from the back of the truck bed to the tailgate. The liner will dry fairly quickly (much more quickly than a UV topcoat).

Renew Your Rhino Liner

If your truck bed liner could use a bit more shine, you can pick up Rhino Shine Ultra at Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson. Of course, you aren’t limited to just using this product on a truck bed. You can use it on any of our coatings no matter what type of vehicle you have lined.

Contact us today to schedule your Rhino Linings application or stop by to pick up some Rhino Shine.