The Bed Liner Application Process

Rhino Linings produces the highest-quality truck bed liner available. We are the brand most asked for by name and consumers rate us #1 among spray-on liners. When you choose Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson for your bed liner application, you benefit from our team’s experience. The process of applying this liner is meticulous and whereas DIY application may not give you the results you want, we work hard to make sure every customer is satisfied.

The process of applying Rhino truck bed liner:

1. Tailgate and Hardware Removal

Removing the tailgate ensures we get a clean application for this area. It’s also necessary so we can have easy access to the rest of the truck bed. At the start of the process, we remove the tailgate and access cover.

We will also remove any hardware in the area we are spraying, including bed bolts and tie-downs. Spraying over these can cause issues, so we make sure they are not coated.

2. Masking

Masking is necessary to ensure the spray does not get on any part of your truck besides the bed (or any other area you want us to coat). To do this, we use wire tape to outline the area we want to spray. Then we use masking tape to attach paper or plastic coverings around the outside of the tailgate and truck bed. We also cover the front of the truck to ensure there are no exposed areas.

3. Surface Preparation

Rhino liner will only adhere to a properly prepared surface. We use a tool to scuff the paint across the surface of the bed and tailgate. For smaller or hard-to-reach areas, we use sandpaper to manually prepare the surface. The preparation has to be uniform or the liner won’t look right and may not adhere properly, so we are thorough and careful during this step.

4. Cleaning

After preparing the surface, we use compressed air to remove any dust. We then wipe down the bed and tailgate with acetone to ensure they are completely clean. This is because any residue can impact the integrity of the liner or stop it from adhering.

5. Check Before Spraying

Before we start spraying, we make sure everything has been prepared correctly. We are committed to providing the best results and this helps us make sure we do that every time. We check that the masking is complete and that there are no gaps, as well as ensuring the surface is uniformly prepared.

6. Spray-On Application

We spray the bed liner onto the truck bed and tailgate in multiple smooth, glossy layers. In any sections where layers meet, we stagger them to create a smooth and uniform transition. Before we complete the process, we will check that the thickness is correct.

7. Remove Masking

Once the spray-on liner has dried, we remove the covers and masking tape. When we pull the wire tape away, we do so perpendicularly to the surface. This leaves a neat and clean edge.

8. Replace Tailgate and Hardware

Finally, we will replace the tailgate and hardware. At this point, your newly-protected truck is ready to go.

Why DIY Lining is a Bad Idea

As you’ve read, the process of applying spray-on liner has many steps and attention to detail is crucial. If you try it yourself, you risk damaging your truck in the process. Our team also wears protective equipment throughout the application and attempting it without this gear can be dangerous.

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