Signs You Should Get Your Truck Bed Lined

If you drive a truck, you probably put it through a lot. The constant wear and tear can really take a toll on your vehicle, but lining your truck bed can help prevent damage. Whether you’re looking to protect the bed of your truck, upgrade your ride, or keep your vehicle in its best condition, Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson is here to help.

What is Rhino Lining?

Rhino Lining is a specific type of spray-on liner that coats your surface, forming a protective layer. It is most commonly applied to truck beds, but can also be used on other vehicles. 


Rhino Lining is the highest-rated brand of spray-on bed liner. 

With its quality comes many benefits:

  • It is environmentally friendly. Rhino liners are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). These chemicals are both known to cause cancer. 
  • It is designed with longevity in mind. Our spray will last for the entire life of your truck. It will not warp, split, or crack no matter how extreme the conditions. 
  • It is custom-fit to your vehicle. Our liner will bond directly with your truck. It will fit your truck bed’s unique design, preventing water from collecting.  

A few signs that you should get your truck bed lined are: 

You Haul a Lot of Equipment

If you use your truck for construction work or recreation, you probably haul a lot of materials such as tools, chemicals, and machinery. These large items can slide around and collide with one another while you drive. Not only does this damage your equipment, but it can also scratch your truck bed. 

Having a liner in place acts as a protective barrier for your truck bed, both preventing new scratches and covering existing ones. The lining is also made from a non-slip material, keeping the items in the back of your truck in place. This helps further avoid any damage. 

Your Truck Needs an Upgrade

Truck owners are always looking for new ways to take their vehicles to the next level. However, upgrades like new tires or a paint job do not last forever. 

Luckily, truck bed liners are made to last for the life of your vehicle. On top of the practical benefits, the lining is also very visually appealing. Lining your truck bed professionally will give you the most precise results and guarantee longevity. 

You Want to Make Your Vehicle’s Body Last Longer

Some truck owners take pride in their dents, but most want to keep their vehicles in the best condition possible. Any damages to your truck will decrease its overall value and can be visually unappealing. 

Lining is a great way to preserve the condition of your truck bed. It can hold up in extreme temperatures as high as 190 and as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also withstand the elements, including UV rays, dirt, and moisture, and help to keep your truck from rusting. 

In Arizona especially, it is essential to protect your truck from the intense sun and humidity, which a liner can do. 

Your Rhino Lining Source in Tucson

Eric’s Rhino Linings proudly serve the Tucson community as the only official applicator in the city. Eric’s is committed to helping customers upgrade their rides and feel completely satisfied with the results. In addition to pickup trucks, Eric’s can apply liner to off-road devices, trailers, boats, commercial and military vehicles, and more. 

Eric’s Rhino Linings also offers a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty on truck bed lining.* This guarantees that your lining will not bubble or peel, or you will receive a no-cost repair or replacement. 

To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

*The warranty is exclusive to truck bed lining and is subject to restrictions and limitations.