Is Rhino Lining Safe for Pets?

If you frequently use your truck to haul things around, lining the bed can help prolong the life of your vehicle. Since Rhino Lining is made with non-toxic materials, it is safe for pets. In fact, it can benefit your furry friends in many different ways.

Benefits of Spray-On Bed Liners for Pets

One of the many benefits of Rhino Lining is that it can improve your pet’s riding experience. Not only does it protect your truck bed from damage, but it also minimizes vibrations and keeps your animals from sliding around.

Prevents Scratches

Truck beds are slippery, causing pets to slide around while you drive. Chances are they will dig their claws into the surface to stabilize themselves. This results in deep scratches covering the finish of the bed. Over time, rust can start to form as the protective layers flake away. 

Lining your truck bed is a great solution to this problem. Not only will our liner cover up old scratches and rust, but it will also protect it from future damage. 


Another benefit of lining is that it creates an anti-skid finish, which keeps everything in your truck bed in place. This includes your furry friends, whether they are loose in the bed or in a kennel. The anti-skid technology helps further prevent scratches since dogs will have no need to dig their nails into the surface.

Fewer Vibrations

Dogs can feel all of the vibrations of the road when they ride in your truck bed. Lining can help minimize these vibrations and make the journey more comfortable for your pet. It will also help reduce some of the road noise, making it easier for them to relax and possibly fall asleep.

Pet-Friendly Uses for Rhino Lining

In addition to truck bed lining, Rhino Lining can be used in other ways that benefit your animals. This includes your dogs, chickens, and horses.


For your dogs, our lining can be used inside their dog house or kennel. It is water-resistant, making for easy clean-up if they have an accident. It is also stain-resistant. 


If you live in a sunny state, it is important to be mindful of the temperature of your truck bed or lined kennel. If the Rhino Lining gets too hot, it can cause dogs to have heat stroke or burn the pads of their paws. To combat this, lay down a light-colored tarp or blanket for your pet to lay on.


The water and stain-resistant nature of Rhino Lining is also great for a chicken coop. It can be used to line feeding dishes and grain bins to keep them looking clean. Our lining can also bond to the wood inside of the coop to help prevent rotting. 


Our lining is a great option for protecting your horse trailer as well. It is made to last the lifetime of the vehicle, which is much longer than floor mats. Similar to dog houses and chicken coops, a lined horse trailer is easy to clean. It will also protect the trailer from damage due to waste build-up. 


Your Rhino Lining Source in Tucson

If you are looking to line your truck bed or pet items, Eric’s Rhino Linings is here to help. We can line a variety of vehicles, as well as other household items like trash cans, shelves, and toolboxes. 

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