Spray-on vs Drop-in Trailer Liner

When you are selecting a liner to protect your trailer from damage there are several factors to take into consideration. One of the most important is if you would like a spray-on or drop-in trailer liner. Drop-in liners are usually made of hard plastic and are a shell that is fitted to the inside of your trailer. A spray-on liner is applied by professionals and bonds directly to the surface. Both will protect from the elements and damage that your cargo can cause to your trailer to some extent, but spray-on liner is clearly the better choice.

Differences Between Spray-On and Drop-in Trailer Liners

Application is not the only area that these products differ. Drop-in liners are frequently less expensive than spray-on options. However, they are also less durable since they are made from plastic. They can often crack and they are also slick, so your cargo can slide around more easily. Because they sit on top of the bed, drop-in liners can also let water and dirt get in between the liner and the trailer. This will often cause rust to accumulate. Drop-in liners can, however, be removed more easily than their spray-on counterparts.

Spray-in liners cost more upfront but have several advantages in the long run. There are no gaps between the liner and the trailer bed, so the lining is watertight. They are textured so your cargo does not slide around as easily, protecting it and your trailer. Because the liner sprays on, it is able to be used in more applications and cover a greater area. Instead of being limited to the bottom of the trailer, this spray-on protective coating can easily be applied to the sides and roof to keep your investment safe.

Spray-on liners are also more durable and are more difficult to damage. They are resistant to both corrosion and chemicals and resist scratches, abrasions, nicks, scuffs, and dents. They can handle the worst that mother nature can throw at them and can withstand temperatures as low as -40℉ to as high as 190℉. Unlike the plastic drop-in liners, these are engineered so they will not crack, peel, or split.

Other Applications for Spray-On Liner

Another advantage of a spray-on approach is that it is very versatile. It can go beyond a simple trailer or truck bed liner. This protective coating is able to be used on trucks, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), and off-road vehicles. It can also be used for commercial and military applications. Spray-on protection can be used on all parts of your vehicle including the grill and on hard tops, off-road vehicle tubs, fender flares, rocker panels, and much more. The durability is unmatched and the protection will last for the lifetime of your vehicle.

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