All About Boat Liner

Boats are more popular in Arizona than you might expect. With many beautiful lakes and rivers, boating can be an excellent pastime. Arizona frequently ranks near the top of lists for most registered boats per capita, although this data varies year-by-year. A boat is an investment and if you want superior protection, you should use Rhino Linings for your boat liner.

More information about spray-on boat liner:

What Parts of Your Boat You Should Coat

At Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson, we can line any part of your boat that you would like. The two most common areas are the deck and the hull. Lining the deck can help prevent slipping and makes it easier to clean. A protective coating for the hull can help prevent damage and our products are made to stand up to water exposure.

Why Choose Rhino Linings for Boats

Some of the benefits of Rhino boat liner include:


Boat lining needs to be completely watertight. Otherwise, water will get underneath the coating and can cause rust or other types of damage. Rhino Linings makes high-quality products that bond directly to the surface where they are sprayed. This creates a completely watertight seal that keeps your boat protected.

Easy to Clean

Our protective coatings are very easy to clean. All you need to do is spray down whichever part of your boat is lined. Dirt and debris will wash right off the surface. This makes it simple to keep your boat looking its best with minimal effort.


Rhino liners create a slip-resistant coat and this makes our products a great choice for your boat deck. Items you place in the boat are less likely to shift while you are moving and the slip-resistant lining also makes it easier to walk inside the boat. It also feels more comfortable on your feet compared to other, rougher options.

Incredibly Durable

Rhino Linings engineers spray-on coatings that can stand up to the elements even under extreme conditions. Our boat liners are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater and stay strong even when the temperature fluctuates. They protect from scratches, dents, corrosion, and other types of damage.

Looks Great

In addition to providing excellent protection for your boat, Rhino liners look great. This protective coating creates a rugged, matte texture that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your boat.

Line Your Boat at Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson

Give your boat the protection it deserves with our high-quality spray-on liner. We can coat your deck, hull, bow, or any other part that you would like. In addition to boats, we also protect trucks, off-road vehicles, trailers, and more. If you can bring it to our shop, we can spray it for you.

To make an appointment for boat liner application, contact us today.


Benefits of a Fully Rhino-Lined Truck

Your truck deserves the best protection possible. Rhino Linings defends your vehicle against damage. Our spray-on liner is most commonly used for truck beds, but it can be applied to any part of your vehicle. In fact, you can even cover it completely if you would like the ultimate defense against the elements. A fully Rhino-lined truck may not be for everyone, but there are many benefits.

These include:


Using Rhino Linings to cover your truck gives it a macho, rugged look. The liner has a matte finish that many people find aesthetically pleasing. This type of modification is very unique and will help make your vehicle stand out.


The material that Rhino liners are made from is incredibly durable. It can protect your truck from dents, scratches, and other types of damage. Although coating the truck bed only is great protection for moving cargo, you may want more extensive coverage for off-roading. A fully Rhino-lined truck is an extreme modification. You can also take advantage of the durability of Rhino Linings products by coating multiple smaller parts of your vehicle.

Reduce Noise

Rhino liner muffles the sounds of rocks that may hit your truck as you drive. Even coating the truck bed can help reduce noise and covering the entire vehicle increases this effect.

Easy to Clean

Rhino Linings coatings are easy to clean. All you have to do is use a high-pressure hose to spray off any dirt and debris. You may want to use a small amount of mild detergent for tougher stains and can use a stiff brush to scrub these areas. It’s also possible to take your fully-lined truck through a car wash if you prefer.

Protect Against Rust

Lining your vehicle creates a watertight seal. This prevents rust from forming which can be very beneficial if your truck is frequently exposed to the elements.

What to Consider Before Rhino Lining Your Entire Truck

While there are many benefits to completely covering your truck, it is a large modification and you should make sure that you have thought through your decision. Rhino liners are made to be permanent and it is very difficult to remove, and doing so can damage your vehicle. This type of modification is best for a truck that you are intending to keep long-term, as resale will depend on whether someone else is also interested in the unique look of a completely lined vehicle. If you aren’t sure, you can always start with just a few parts of the vehicle first and then go from there.

Cover Your Truck at Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson

We will spray anything that you can bring to us. This can range from a truck bed to an entire vehicle. We can also coat more than just trucks. Whether you have a boat, off-road vehicle, or recreational vehicle (RV), we can help you protect it.

If you are interested in getting a fully Rhino-lined truck, contact us today.

Types of Bed Liners for Trucks

There are many different types of truck bed liners that you can use to protect your vehicle. Understanding your options can help you make the right decision.

Here are your options for truck bed protection:

Drop-In Bed Liner

A drop-in liner is made to fit a specific type of truck and is designed so it is easy to install. These can protect the bed to a certain extent, but they aren’t very durable. Over time, they will start to sustain damage and will need to be replaced. Since they don’t form a seal with the bed, it’s also possible for water to get underneath and lead to rust. They can also limit your access to tie-downs.

Truck Bed Rug

Similar to drop-in liners, bed rugs are made to fit your model of truck. Instead of having a plastic surface, they have a softer rug texture. This can be helpful for climbing into and out of the truck bed, but like drop-in liners, rug liners are not typically very durable. Although you can remove them for cleaning, they are also prone to stains and like drop-in liners, can result in rust.

Truck Bed Mat

A rubber mat is likely the cheapest option, but this is the case for a reason. Although they can help prevent damage to the floor of the bed, they may not extend to the sides. They are also not custom-fit and can slide around and let water and debris underneath.

DIY Bed Liner Paint/Spray

There are some varieties of bed liner spray or paint that you can apply yourself. However, it’s important to be aware of the downsides of this. If you apply the liner incorrectly, it could be more costly to try to fix later, and it won’t give your truck bed the protection it needs.

Professional Spray-on Bed Liner

Professionally-applied truck bed liner bonds directly to your vehicle and creates an airtight, watertight seal. This prevents rust and creates a durable coating. Spray-on liner prevents dents and helps hold cargo in place with its anti-skid surface.

Why Rhino Linings is the Best Choice

If you’ve decided that spray-on liner is the best option for your vehicle, the next decision is choosing which brand to use. Rhino Linings is the clear choice. Our liners are engineered to withstand even the toughest conditions. We are also the #1 consumer-rated brand for spray-in truck bed liners.

Protect Your Truck Bed

Your truck bed deserves the best protection available. At Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson, we can apply spray-in liner that will prevent damage and last for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule a truck bed liner application.

How to Clean Your Truck Bed Coating

Your truck bed coating can protect your vehicle from wear and tear. With Rhino Linings, you can also improve the way your truck bed looks. To get the most out of your liner, it’s important to maintain it properly. This includes cleaning the coating regularly.

Here are some tips for cleaning your Rhino liner:

What to Use to Clean Your Truck Bed Coating

Most car wash detergents will work on your Rhino Linings truck bed coating. These products are designed to remove dirt without damaging the exterior of your vehicle.

You can also use a degreaser for certain types of stains. If it will work on an unlined truck bed, it is usually okay to use on your liner. However, you should read the label of the product you would like to use for more information and potential cautions. If you still aren’t sure, you can contact us with any questions you may have.

Do not use any silicone-based protectants on your Rhino liner. You should also not use any corrosive products as these can seriously damage your liner and void your warranty.

How to Clean Your Rhino Liner

First, remove everything from your truck bed. This includes sweeping away as much debris as possible. You can then check for any large stains and use a degreaser on these areas if necessary.

Then, spray the entire bed with water. If you have a pressure washer, this is a great option to remove any caked-on dirt or mud. Otherwise, a standard hose will work. Make sure that all of the areas of your truck bed get wet and allow the water to run off.

The next step is to use a stiff brush to clean between the ridges of your truck bed. You can do this with water alone or add a mild detergent for any tougher stains. It is best to avoid scrubbing too hard. However, the truck bed liner is tough enough to withstand a more thorough cleaning. Once completed, rinse off the truck bed with water.

The last step is drying the liner with towels. You can also apply a UV protection spray. This will help improve your liner’s resistance to the brutal Arizona sun.

Can You Take A Vehicle with Rhino Liner Through an Automatic Car Wash?

Rhino Linings products can typically go through an automatic car wash without any issues. These truck bed coatings are designed to be incredibly tough so as a general rule, you can typically treat your truck the same as you would before it had the spray-on liner. However, you should avoid corrosive products, but this is the case for any truck bed, lined or unlined.

Protect Your Vehicle with Rhino Linings

Rhino Linings spray-on truck bed liner can protect your vehicle and this product is backed by a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty.*

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a truck bed coating application.

*This warranty only applies to truck bed lining, not other services, and is subject to limitations and restrictions.

Can You Apply Truck Bed Liner Spray Yourself?

Truck bed liner spray is an excellent option to protect your truck bed from damage. The spray bonds with the bed to create a watertight, airtight, and incredibly durable seal. In addition to options for professional application, you may have seen some products that claim you can apply them yourself. However, DIY spray-in liner may not be the best option for you and your truck and can actually cause more problems in the long run.

Here are some of the downsides of applying truck bed liner spray yourself:

Improper Application

The quality of the application makes a huge difference for how long your bed liner is likely to last and how it looks. DIY results will likely not be ideal compared to a professional application. This is in addition to the fact that professional spray-in bed liner is likely to be a higher-quality formula compared to the varieties you can apply on your own.


Applying truck bed liner spray can be a time-consuming process. It can also take even longer if you make any mistakes during the application. When you drop your truck off for a professional spray-in bed liner application, it saves you time.

Exposure to Chemicals

Truck bed spray is safe once it fully dries, but the application process can be potentially dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions. It’s also important that you have enough space to provide ventilation. Professional application means you don’t have to worry about chemical exposure.


DIY liner may not last as long as the professional variety. This means that you will have to reapply it more often to keep your truck bed protected. Even if the initial application may cost less, the price can quickly add up over time. In many cases, paying a little more to get the job done right the first time is worth it.


When you apply spray-in bed liner yourself, it may not fully cover every part of your truck bed, leaving some areas unprotected. This can result in dents, scratches, rust, or other issues that could have been prevented by professionally-applied bed liner spray.

High-Quality Truck Bed Lining in Tucson

If you need your truck bed protected, Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson can help. Our team has extensive experience and will make sure that your spray-in bed liner is applied with the utmost care and precision. The liners are also backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty* so you can trust that your lining will last.

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Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson can line your truck bed as well as other vehicles such as boats, trailers, and more.

*This warranty only applies to truck bed lining, not other services, and is subject to limitations and restrictions.


Spray-In vs. Drop-In Bedliners

Your truck bed can sustain a lot of damage hauling cargo. If you use your truck often, you should protect it. Spray-in and drop-in bedliners are both potential options. A spray coating is usually the best choice if you want high-quality protection that looks great and lasts for the lifetime of your truck.

Here are some of the reasons you should choose Rhino Linings instead of a drop-in liner:

Bonds Directly to Your Truck

Rhino coatings bond directly to your truck bed instead of resting on top of it like a drop-in liner. With a drop-in bedliner, water can get underneath the surface, leading to rust and corrosion. This isn’t the case with Rhino liners because they create a watertight and airtight seal. If you often take your truck out into the elements, this is especially important to prevent serious damage over time.

Creates a Slip-Resistant Surface

A spray-in bedliner has a textured, slip-resistant surface. This means that your cargo stays securely in place. A plastic drop-in liner doesn’t create much traction so items often slide around and can get damaged.

Made to Last

Rhino Linings has engineered their coatings so that they are incredibly durable, withstand extreme temperatures, and stay strong against chemical and physical damage. Our spray-in truck bed liner is backed by a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty* so you can trust that it will last. Plastic liners are usually temporary and may need to be replaced often. This means that even if you spend less in the short term, a spray-in liner may be more cost-effective in the long term.

Protect More Parts of Your Truck

A plastic drop-in bedliner can only protect your truck bed. If you want to give your truck the best possible shield against damage, you may want to guard other areas such as your grille or fender flares. Rhino Linings can coat many parts of your truck and other types of vehicles as well.

Choose Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson

We Can Protect Your Truck or Other Vehicle

One of the biggest factors in how tough your liner will be is the team that applies it. Proper preparation is essential to make sure the spray sets correctly. At Eric’s Rhino Linings of Tucson, our team is highly skilled and committed to ensuring the quality of your application. Our Rhino liners are a longer-lasting and more durable alternative to drop-in bedliners.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to apply a truck bed liner.

*This warranty only applies to truck bed lining, not to other services, and is subject to limitations and restrictions.